Salvage finds for home design

I will admit to a love of things with a patina of history, and wandering around a flea market, salvage yard, or used furniture store is one of my favorite pastimes. It might be the “thrill of the hunt” or that joy in finding a new use for something that others have discarded. I do also believe that many of the items made in previous decades often have a level of craftsmanship it’s hard to come by in today’s mass produced world.


One of my favorite resources for antique hardware, light fixtures, and salvaged architectural elements is Ohmega Salvage in Berkeley.


Antique door hardware display

They carry tons of original windows and doors from Victorian and Craftsman (and newer) homes, as well as sinks, clawfoot bathtubs, and any number of interesting furniture and décor items that may catch your eye. Some items are fully restored but most are in their original state.


The possibilities for integrating these salvaged items into your home is only limited by your imagination. I’ve had a client that found old original slate chalkboards we repurposed into her kitchen countertops.  I have used some beautiful glass paned doors to front a pantry in a farmhouse style kitchen, and am having some large industrial casters made into a coffee table base.


When you’re looking for a way to bring some interest and originality into your home a salvaged architectural element or antique fixture brings that sense of history that a newly manufactured item just can’t match. Not to mention, you are being ultimately “green” in re-using an existing item in place of buying something new. Enjoy the hunt…..


Ohmega Salvage

2407 San Pablo Ave.

Berkeley, CA 94702


Salvaged architectural details

Industrial lights and random shades
Industrial lights and random shades

Schoolhouse lights