How Can We Help You?

You want to remodel that outdated bathroom or redecorate the living room that just isn’t inviting. Yet, you find yourself struggling with how to incorporate your ideas into a cohesive look.


It can be difficult to put your vision into reality. Creating a floor plan that uses space well . . . Finding creative solutions to those inevitable architectural problems . . . Choosing colors and textures to create a look that pleases the eye . . . Locating the right furniture, fixtures, lighting . . . it can all seem very daunting.

This is where our creativity and expertise come in!


Heidi Mortensen Design provides a complete range of interior design services to carry projects from concept to completion. Specializing in innovative kitchen and bathroom remodels, we utilize our wide network of preferred contractors, sources, artisans, and craftspeople to make your design dream a reality.





Remodeling Design
 Ready to undergo a construction project to really change things up? Whether it’s a single room or a whole house, we will work with you to design the perfect space. Developing a great floor plan, designing the perfect tile layout for your bathroom, or selecting the best countertop for your kitchen. A well thought out design makes all the difference when tackling a remodel, saving you time and money by helping you make the right decisions the first time. In addition to creating an exciting design, we manage the project to make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.


Interior Decoration

Is the look you’re hoping for just not quite coming together? Color, furniture style, scale, texture, and the composition of elements in a room, all need to work together to create that space you’ll love. We work with you to design, source, and pull together one or all of the following:

Window treatments
Paint colors


Custom Furniture

Sometimes the perfect piece is just not available off the shelf. Accessing a wide array of sources, artisans, craftspeople, and contractors we can create the perfect built ins, sofa, or light fixture.


Space Planning

Struggling with how to arrange your living room or make the most out of a small space? We will create dimensioned floor plans and furniture layouts to help you figure out the best use of space for your needs and lifestyle.


Color Consultation

Choosing that perfect paint color can be a challenge for many people. Color is our specialty and we bring a professional eye to what choices will work well together to create the look you’re after.


Interior Design Consultation Services

Undertaking a remodel on your own? We can provide consultation on an hourly, as needed, basis to review or revise construction plans, answer questions, help with decision making, and provide resources and suggestions as you go through the project. You get the advice and insight of working with an interior designer without hiring one full time.


The first step is a complimentary meeting in which we will discuss your project and how we can help.

You can call us at 415-552-3821 or email to heidi@heidimortensen.com and then watch your project become reality.