Under Stair Storage Solution

Most of us are in a constant search for a way to increase storage capacity in our homes.
There just never seems to be enough room to put things away. Sometimes though, the storage space you have just needs to be re-designed to work better.


The key to an organized and clutter free household is to have a designated place for specific items and to make that storage area easy to use. The easier you make it to put things away, the more chance it will happen.


If it requires extra effort to put things away such as having to move other items around to fit things in, or needing a step ladder to reach the storage area, etc. the chance you’ll consistently put things away decreases.


Before: shelving unit as storage

Before: Access to the storage space under the stairs was through a door at one end making it difficult to reach items at the far end. The clients had added a shelving unit in the hallway to deal with the storage problem


My clients had a long closet space under their staircase, it was a reasonable amount of space for storage but a small door at one end made accessing the stored items difficult so it was really under utilized. They had defaulted to a bulky shelving unit in the hall. Not really the best solution as it took up precious walkway space and the items being stored were not exactly what they wanted to put on display.


under stair storage in progress

In process: we removed the door and opened up the wall

under stair storage cabinet

Large sliding storage cabinets make use of all the space under the stairs

We took that existing closet space and created 3 big roll out storage cabinets with shelves. Now everything can be seen, organized, and reached with ease, yet closed up and out of sight when not needed.

After: under stair storage

After: Roll out cabinets with shelves create an abundance of easily accessible storage space.  Yes, we also added a wine cellar at the end of the hall! (click on any image to enlarge)


For the finishing touches, the wall and roll out cabinet doors were covered with a Kravet grasscloth wallpaper and crystal pulls that are sturdy yet almost invisible were added. The horizontal lines of the grass cloth disguise the edges of the cabinet doors make them almost disappear into the wall. Beautiful and practical!


under stair storage close up

Grasscloth wallpaper and crystal cabinet pulls complete the look